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I have started this small project quite a while ago. Initially I have kept all the information here on a local virtual machine. However I have soon discovered that when I needed this info most - I simply didn't have it with me. So, I have quickly come to the conclusion that I needed to have it at one place where it will always be accessible. I could call this a personal reason.

Then there was something else though. As I have started as a Windows developer I have always had access to the information I needed. There came a time however when I became quite curious about the "free world" of software - meaning Linux, php, java and all the other great technologies that Microsoft (and the related community) seems to be at war with. And I discovered that I like this world very much. What I liked most however was the way people were sharing their experiences, the way all the documentation was written, examples and so on. I have learned a great deal from others' experiences (others who were kind enough to share it) - so I decided it is time to start sharing myself some of the things I have learned - perhaps they will come in handy to others

Well, this is it ... briefly.

What you can find in here...

Linux how to's

Linux Desktop tips


SQL Server