User forgot his/her password, has no e-mail address

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Let the user step through a "mail me a temporary password" cycle with a working e-mail address of her discretion, which you temporarily enter into her user account record.

You need to have

   (a) access to the Wiki database (table user) and
   (b) a working e-mail system

Check requirement (b) by mailing yourself a temporary password via the login screen button. Make sure, that you have set up correctly your own e-mail address.

  1. As WikiSysop you enter temporarily user's e-mail address into user account in db table user.
  2. Tell the user to click "Mail me a temporary password" on the wiki login screen
  3. S/he will receive a temporary password soon
  4. S/he can now login with the password and
  5. S/he now must set up a new password for her/his account

The trick also overcomes any problem with salted or unsalted passwords.