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Well, I think that moving the window buttons to the top left part of the windows was not the most inspired decison the team behind Ubuntu 10.04 has made. I agree it's a matter of habit, but once most of use got used to finding the window controls on the top right part of the window ... why change it?

For those of you wanting to to change the window buttons back to the right part (and also have the small point appear on the top left part), here's what you need to to. Just follow these simple steps:

  • From your desktop environment, type Alt+F2 and then type "gconf-editor"
  • Navigate to the apps/metacity/general section
  • On the right part, double-click the "button_layout" entry to edit it
  • Change the value to: "menu:minimize,maximize,close"

More general, everything that appears on the left of the ":" will be located on the left part, the rest being on right side.

Just to have some fun, you might also try some of the following entries:

  • menu,minimize,maximize:close
  • menu,minimize:maximize,close