Installing Eclipse for PHP Developers (revised)

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Meanwhile I got to Ubuntu 9.10, but that's not such a big deal. However, I wanted to install Eclipse. For some reasons which escape my comprehension, the former installation of Eclipse did no longer work, so I had to fully uninstall it.

Then I thought of a much simpler way of installing Eclipse, and ... here it is:

Step 1 As a root user do

> aptitude install eclipse

Step 2 Launch Eclipse and from the Help menu select "Install new software"

Step 3 Click the Add button and add the following:

Step 4 Apply your changes and wait for the contents to download

Step 5 When contents are downloaded, select the new source from the combo and go to the "Programming Languages" section. Open it up and select "PHP Development Tools (PDT) SDK Feature"

Step 6 Next, Finish and then wait for your new plugins to be installed. At the end you might need to restart Eclipse.