Install Lightning in Ubuntu 9.04

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Lightning is a great extension for Thunderbird as it brings the calendar into Thunderbird which is not offered by default. If you have tried to do a straightforward installation (as I have done) you will soon realize that the extension will not work. As I find Lightning to be a great extension, here's how to properly install it in Ubuntu 9.04:

First of all, do not attempt to install Lightning from the Ubuntu official repository, as that version is outdated. Instead, download it from the Mozilla addons page, but for now do not install it.

The problem is that Lightning relies on the libstdc++5 library, whereas Ubuntu 9.04 comes by default with the newer libstdc++6 and unfortunately Lightning does not know to use it. So, all you need to do is open a terminal as root and

> aptitude install libstdc++5

Now open Thunderbird, go to Tools/Add-ons and install the downloaded Lightning extension (at the moment of writing this article it was lightning-0.9-tb-linux.xpi) Now restart Thunderbird and you'll have your calendar.