How to change startup system processes and runlevels

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Knowing which processes are started by default by your Linux is a question that appears quite often. I have put myself this question and below is the solution that I am currently using.

I am using Debian etch so the solution below refers to this distribution of Linux.

One of the basic solutions is to use rcconf:

aptitude install rcconf

This tool offers you a visual way of which system process is started by default by Debian. However, you do not have a fine control about which runlevel is assigned to each process. Thus, I have found a much better tool: sysv-rc-conf:

aptitude install sysv-rc-conf

To run it, just type in:


or, in order to have a more advanced view, you can use

sysv-rc-conf -p

sysv-rc-conf is a front-end runlevel configurator for init.d scripts. It offers a very nice matrix-view of runlevels for all your processes.

Hope this will help you in demystifyng the problem of start-up processed and the runlevels associated with them.